15 June, 2002Issue 1.1Creative WritingOriginal Poetry

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Carmen Bugan

For my aunt Saftica

In the depths of the night I want
to come inside
Your house through the white
husking door,

The one with the window on
which you placed
A hand-woven shawl with pat–
terns of nasturtiums.

But on the other side of the door
where you waved years ago
I fear that you have woven me
into the knowledge of a
winter rug

With all the reds and yellows you
had thread for
While I wandered and wondered
illusions, hidden in my silence.

Carmen Bugan, is at Balliol College, Oxford, writing a DPhil on the influence of Eastern European poetry on Seamus Heaney. Her work was published in 2001 Oxonian Poets: An Anthology and will appear in P.N. Review and The Tabla Book of New Verse.