15 November, 2019

Daniel Kodsi

No Mercy

Malcolm Bull, On Mercy

9 November, 2019

Em Meller

52 Blue

Leslie Jamison, Make It Scream, Make It Burn

18 October, 2019

Will Loxley

In the Age of Anything-Can-Happen

Salman Rushdie, Quichotte

4 July, 2019

Stephanie Sy-Quia

‘Each Other’s Fires’

Lisa Taddeo, Three Women

28 June, 2019

Oliver Eagleton

Humanism, Reprogrammed

Paul Mason, Clear Bright Future

15 June, 2019

Pasquale S. Toscano


Richard Powers, The Overstory

7 June, 2019

Em Meller

and then it was so sad

Sophie Robinson, Rabbit

Xavier Buxton

Extreme Contemporaries

Simon Critchley, Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us

24 May, 2019

Philip Murray Wilson


Fredric Jameson, Allegory and Ideology

11 May, 2019

Daniel Kodsi

On a Recent Abduction

Timothy Williamson, Doing Philosophy