24 January, 2020

Daniel Sutton

Republicanism and Revisionism

Rachel Hammersley, James Harrington

14 December, 2019

Daniel Sutton

Tolkien as Chaucer?

John M. Bowers, Tolkien's Lost Chaucer

7 December, 2019

Maya Krishnan

The Inconsolability of Philosophy

Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia

28 November, 2019

Emma Gattey

The Limits of the New Laity

Steven Touissant, Lay Studies

24 November, 2019

Pasquale S. Toscano

A Difficult Ending

Elizabeth Strout, Olive, Again

15 November, 2019

Daniel Kodsi

No Mercy

Malcolm Bull, On Mercy

9 November, 2019

Em Meller

52 Blue

Leslie Jamison, Make It Scream, Make It Burn

18 October, 2019

Will Loxley

In the Age of Anything-Can-Happen

Salman Rushdie, Quichotte

4 July, 2019

Stephanie Sy-Quia

‘Each Other’s Fires’

Lisa Taddeo, Three Women

28 June, 2019

Oliver Eagleton

Humanism, Reprogrammed

Paul Mason, Clear Bright Future