1 September, 2020

Janis Jin

Awkwafina and Asian American Voice

The fifth feature of the Oxonian Review's series on Voice examines the phenomenon of Asian American appropriation of Black vernacular—and suggests a different way forward for Asian American voice

20 August, 2020

Antony Huen

Odes to Touch

A short essay on art created under quarantine

13 August, 2020

Gabriel Roberts

A History of Our Better Nature

Rutger Bregman, Humankind: A Hopeful History

6 August, 2020

Eli Philip Bernstein

Educating the Republic

James Hankins, Virtue Politics: Soulcraft and Statecraft in Renaissance Italy

15 July, 2020

The Oxonian Review

Summer Book Review Competition

The Oxonian Review is launching a book review competition for undergraduate students

10 July, 2020

Dmitry Dundua

‘Broken Words, like the Shuffling of Feet upon the Pavement’

The fourth feature of the Oxonian Review's series on voice looks at the many voices of composer Robert Ashley

3 July, 2020

Aliya Ram

I, Magistra

The third feature of the Oxonian Review's series on voice asks: when language is the tool of authority, what does revolt sound like?

20 June, 2020

Oscar Harrington-Shaw

This Is Your Captain Speaking

The second feature of the Oxonian Review's series on voice takes up the question of authorial voice in video games

6 June, 2020

Nicolas Liney

The Last Words of Milman Parry

The Oxonian Review is introducing a new series on the theme of Voice. The first feature is an essay on Milman Parry and the voice of epic

29 May, 2020

Maya Krishnan

Dream House as Politics, Dream House as Art

Carmen Maria Machado, In the Dream House