29 February, 2020

Levi C. R. Hord

Transgender Sincerity and the Limits of Seriousness

An essay on the possibility of wearing one's gender lightly

21 February, 2020

Kit Rasmussen

What Does the Seahorse Have to Do with Socialism?

Nathan J. Robinson, Why You Should Be a Socialist

20 February, 2020


Agamemnon 931–43: Purple Soles

Four responses to Aeschylus's Agamemnon 931–43

15 February, 2020

Laura Hackett

Sirens of the Foyle

Darran Anderson, Inventory

6 February, 2020


Pythian 2.21–41: Crucifixion

The Oxonian Review is introducing a new series of translations. The first feature presents three responses to Pindar's Pythian 2.21–41

3 February, 2020

Daniel Kodsi & Maya Krishnan


The Oxonian Review is introducing a new section

Paul Lodge

What Is It Like to Be Manic?

An essay on the phenomenology of mania

29 January, 2020

Maya Krishnan

Can AI Dream of a Better World?

Brian Cantwell Smith, The Promise of Artificial Intelligence

24 January, 2020

Daniel Sutton

Republicanism and Revisionism

Rachel Hammersley, James Harrington

14 December, 2019

Daniel Sutton

Tolkien as Chaucer?

John M. Bowers, Tolkien's Lost Chaucer