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Photo of the Week : This Night

Simon Lei


Simon Lei’s photo shows members of the Sunflower Student Movement, student activists protesting the Cross-Strait Trade Service Agreement, occupying the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan after the Kuomintang passed the agreement to the legislature without a second reading or line-by-line consideration. Lei explains that the ‘sunflower’ was chosen as “a metaphor emphasizing light and sunshine in contrast to the “non-transparent” cross-strait service pact. Some flower shops sent thousands of sunflowers to the activists to support the demonstration”. The student protesters, here holding placards that read (nearest to furthest, respectively) “refusing to pass the service trade pack without due process” and “legislation to break the black box”, are calling for transparency and accountability. The protests began in Taipei on 18 March 2014; as of Tuesday 25 March, hundreds of Taiwanese living abroad have gathered to demonstrate support, or ‘sunflower solidarity’, for the student activists in Parliament Square in London and on the National Mall in Washington, D.C..

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