12 March, 2012Issue 18.5Creative WritingOriginal Poetry

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Poetry Competition 2012 Winner

Zohar Atkins

Without without Title.

A poem that admits there is no meaning
besides the gathering of syllables
into little bouquets of desire,
placed, somewhere, between light and dust,
is said to need, as winter needs,
the beauty of visible breath. If
wisdom is not to be had, it is
to be sung. A poem is nothing
but the sound of emptiness
enfleshed, or else the sound
of a half-naked emptiness
caught between an urge to strip,
a want to decorate,
and a lingering contentment
to stay here

Zohar Atkins is the winner of the 2012 Oxonian Review Poetry Competition. He is reading for a DPhil in Theology at Balliol College, Oxford.