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Poetry Competition Shortlist: “He shows me where”

Alexandra Strnad

He shows me where

When he returns, which he does now
with increased frequency, he loses ten
years, he wants to eat roast pork and
dumplings, hop on and off trams.

Though it’s my home now, he must
show me everything; the cul-de-sac
where boys settled scores with fisticuffs,
the metronome in Letn√° Park.

Three diphthongs reborn, he bargains
with a Vietnamese grocer over
the price of bananas, friendships
re-establish, we go on visits.

Binoculars slung round his neck,
he talks of martyrs and defenestrations
over beer on the Hanavsk√Ω pavilon,
watching the city simmer into night.

Alexandra Strnad was shortlisted for the Oxonian Review Poetry Competition 2013.