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Poetry Competition Shortlist: “Seoyag”

Kevin Liu


Cherie, I ask you to be my one and only, because of
Aşk, a concept that I did not understand until I met you,
aaaand so powerful that without you, I will never be complete again.
Belleza, the world whenever we are together,
aaabecause only with you, am I no longer blind.
Amanah, every time I stare into your kind eyes,
aaamy stone wall crumbles, leaving simply the vulnerable truth.
Xi wang, waking up with my arms around you,
aaaI believe in myself, in you, and in us to always see the good.
Nguvu, when the wind is howling and the sky is bleak,
aaaI will be your refuge, the shelter from the pouring rain.
Sabali, even if we are both lost in the darkness,
aaayou’ll find me standing beside you holding your hand.
Tan, as our foliage changes with the seasons that come and go,
aaaI can do nothing but cherish you even more than before, and because
For altid, I will be yours.

Kevin Liu was shortlisted for the Oxonian Review Poetry Competition 2013.