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Antonia Cundy


A vice – circular,

cold and hard –

imprisons the soft tick

of time lost —


Calm intent:

words written,

successes assured,


flung in the moonlight.


Night sits, achatter,

a plotting child

disabling dreams.


The bedside companion

of tomorrow’s invalid

exposes a breast

and feeds in the dark.


Still belongings

hung by the neck

haunt on hooks,

dressed gowns

of dangling judgement.


Sleep in maladies till dawn plays.


Groundhog trains gather

carriages plucked from mid-air

barrelling fully-loaded

the passenger’s weight

into the disappointment of dawn.



Antonia Cundy is an American Literature MPhil student at Cambridge University. She has written on literature for The Economist and The Financial Times, and her poetry has been published in Alliterati Magazine, The NCLA ReviewRoam Magazine, amongst others.