Tag: Philip Roth

5 May, 2014

Andrew Dean

Not Letting Go

Claudia Piermont's account of Philip Roth is marked by her close relationship with him, a relationship from which the book both benefits and suffers.

29 November, 2010

Josh Rosaler

Roth’s Deadly Seriousness

Philip Roth's Nemesis

26 October, 2009

Amy Waite

The ‘(H)am’ and the ‘Am Not’

Phillip Roth's The Humbling

15 June, 2008

Paul Sonne

Spectacles, Autumn, and the Young Literary Heart

Keith Gessen's All the Sad Young Literary Men

15 December, 2007

Matt Hill

Jacobson’s Complaint

Howard Jacobson's Kalooki Nights

15 December, 2004

Jacob Risinger

Imagined History

Philip Roth's Second Glance at America's Past