Tag: Slavoj Zizek

16 March, 2015

Karthick Manoharan

Embrace the Apocalypse

Karthick Manoharan on why the Left needs Žižek's inconvenient truths

22 February, 2015

Weekly Round-Up: Creativity’s Categories, Langston’s Limits, Virginia’s Voyages, Hegel’s Humour, Today’s Tweeness, Mortality’s Imminence

3 March, 2014

Karthick Manoharan

Engaging the Event

Karthick Manoharan on why Slavoj Žižek is the most dangerous philosopher in the West.

25 November, 2013

Chris Green

More Than Something?

Chris Green reflects on the evolving role of the public intellectual and his most recent, and most hefty, philosophical contribution.

31 October, 2013

Benedict Morrison

Žižek on Film

18 November, 2012

Joe Kennedy

Mapping the Contradictions

Slavoj Žižek's latest is a familiar rehearsal of his ideological analysis, taking aim at the "salaried bourgeoisie", Joe Kennedy writes.

15 December, 2002

Jeff Kulkarni

Psychoanalyzing September 11?

Slavoj Žižek on the Fantasies and Realities of the US