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The Frock I Wept In

Once again, ORbits offers you the opportunity to test your knowledge of all things literary. This week’s passage comes from a prolific 19th-century American poet, in commemoration of her birthday:

Before the ice is in the pools,

Before the skaters go,

Or any cheek at nightfall

is tarnished by the snow,

Before the fields have finished,

Before the Christmas tree,

Wonder upon wonder

Will arrive to me!

What we touch the hems of

On a summer’s day;

What is only walking

Just a bridge away;

That which sings so, speaks so,

When there’s no one here,

Will the frock I wept in

Answer me to wear?

The answer to last week’s challenge was Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh.

This week’s answer, and another challenge, on ORbits next week.