21 May, 2012Issue 19.3Original PoetryPoetry

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Three Poems

Joe Kennedy


A mosaic pavement is strange, soft
though each fist of tesserae
salts the cost of extending over the tenseless moss.
A knot unbecomes at Tan Hill.
Grey water. Spine-lust. Feinting gable.
Her knot of cloth bears up,
expedient to the contour.

The tallying falters on the ridge,
given that the banker will stall.
Our new one wears his name well tampering, irises swell:
unsnarling, he props his cap back and spry
but grazes his end on the range.
All we got were joiner’s spelks:
his was an old flooding bull.



Flaked threads unmetered,
ducts sever here. Miry islets,
blotted beats, flashburn tractors of palms
unstaked tugging times up a charged hill.
Hems stir dust: their moil arrests,
not settling but being penned
above the cataract.

Vergers log some economies
not embossed, in hard presses,
blazes and gangway-light threshings of down,
but smirk at guttered sets: I smirk.
Cornflower bundles gilding that end row
can be blue of the current or for it:
from the outlook or sufficiency of thrust.



Reduction to the Versatility of an Angle

Wrack tangles with and even wads
lower links in an airfield fence –
simple to think of a tide that swells like that
were we always as grainless
as placer deposits read from the Mull:
were this reduction not its own story.

Filiation frets itself differently
on islands, Whitsun sublet flinging
black over itself and white
on islands one of the commonest
elements is a cormorant years drafted;
now, fog intensity of repose.

We don’t recall you on Staple Island,
but a Brocken spectre and an address
on macronutrition. Silent planes
lift from or taxi at Prestwick,
kens of drift mining scatter:
not even rails, but a gradient record.


Joe Kennedy was born in Darlington and grew up in the Yorkshire Dales. He graduated in 2009 with a PhD from the University of East Anglia (UEA). He has since held a lecturing fellowship at UEA, worked in adult education, and written for a number of publications.