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Two poems from The Divers

Arabella Currie


Like Nicodemus
hefting Christ
upright, or like a sculptor
fishing saints
from rock

or like Aeneas braced
against a chair leg
to hoist his father,
slot the old limbs into place

or like four turtles
and their shouldered earth

or like a fisherman,
sucking sharks
through ice.


Piso for God*

my fishing rods and sinewy oars,
my splintered hooks that wait
for throats

my line and hem of lead
my cork that calls
for crabs

my pair of creels and my flint that heaves with fire,
my anchor that holds
for wanderers

Piso the fisherman leaves you
for God, for his hand wavers
for he starts to sink.

*Translation of the dedicatory epigram of Philippus of Thessalonica, The Greek Anthology, 6.5


Arabella Currie is reading for a DPhil in Classics at Balliol College, Oxford. Her book The Divers, from which these poems were taken, was published in 2016 by the Hurst Street Press.