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Weekly Round-up

The Oxonian Review is pleased to present this week’s Weekly Round-up, featuring a selection of recent links to websites and articles which the OR editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy. Enjoy!

1. “PG Wodehouse: a life in letters”, The Guardian: “There is some comedy in watching this least confessional of writers negotiate an increasingly confessional age.”

2. “Unread Books; Changing Character Names”, Paris Review: “I have never made it to the cash register with a novel by Ronald Firbank. Thomas Hardy defeats me. So does D. H. Lawrence: you can love a writer and never actually feel like reading any more of his novels.”

3. “Creative Class”, The Smart Set: “Kurt Wenner‘s amazingly detailed street artworks conjure images of both Baroque religious murals and a Salvor Daliesque surrealism.”

4. “A Mirror Walks Down the Road: Reading ‘Puppet'”, Bookslut: “If I could choose any face to inhabit I wonder what kind of face I would pick. But tonight, there was something mesmerizing about my own face. I can’t remember what my face used to look like, before.”

5. “Review: Miracles and Charms”, IconEye: “Even if we are less religious than our forefathers, we’re probably just as superstitious: celebrities sport red kabbalah bracelets, riders check their horoscopes daily and sportsmen have lucky socks.”