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Weekly Round-up

The Oxonian Review is pleased to present our Weekly Round-up, featuring websites and articles the editorial staff have recently found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “The Scientific Reason Why You’re a Hipster”, The Body Odd: “The mystery of skinny jeans and thick-rimmed glasses may never be cracked, but at least it appears that researchers have solved one piece of the hipster puzzle.”

2. “Writing Adrift in the World”, NYRBlog: On translation, writing programmes, and the fate of the novel. “The viscera are visceral, the old primitive gut: this pain, this pleasure, now.”

3. “Fragments of An Arbitrary Encyclopaedia”, BBC iPlayer: Episode one of Jonathan Meades’ quirky, personal film On France. “Every man has two countries. His own, and France.”

4. “Survival: On Nanni Balestrini”, Pierce Penniless: Balestrini’s novel asks “how human beings and human relationships survive or splinter in political struggle, how the puzzle of political history and individual human time fits together.”

5. “Tariq Goddard, Interview”, Ready Steady Book: “He lives with his wife on a farm in Wiltshire where they run zer0 books and an organic herb farm.”