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Weekly Round-up

The Oxonian Review is pleased to present our Weekly Round-up, featuring websites and articles the editorial staff have recently found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “Galileo’s Credo”, The Nation: “Before the appearance of Starry Messenger, Galileo was known as a poorly dressed, occasionally sarcastic and mechanically adroit college dropout who kept a mistress and had sired three illegitimate children.”

2. “Bad Thoughts on the Death of Mike Kelley”, The Wire: “Kelley’s art has had the most ruinous effect on rock ‘n’ roll since Colonel Tom Parker first dressed Elvis up in a monkey suit.”

3. “So, what would your plan for Greece be?”, Crooked Timber: “Welcome to Choose Your Own Troika Program For Greece! You are a junior member of the One World Government, and you have been given the job of coming up with a proposal to resolve the Greek crisis…”

4. “Richard Sennett Interview”, The Observer: “[Michel Foucault] was also a very sweet, domestic person, a wonderful cook. He and his boyfriend grew tomatoes in between their marijuana plants.”

5. “Against TED”, The New Inquiry: “What was exceptional and emergent in the realm of ideas has been bottled, packaged, and sold back to us over and over again. The whole TED vibe has come to resemble a sales pitch.”