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Weekly Round-up

The Oxonian Review is pleased to present our Weekly Round-up, featuring websites and articles the editorial staff have recently found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “Affairs of State“, The Financial Times: “The women, unassisted, lift the queen’s sodden remains into the chest. One of them steps forward, receives the head, and lays it – no other space – by the queen’s feet.”

2. “Alain Badiou: A Life in Writing“, The Guardian: “[Online dating sites] try to go back to organised marriages – not by parents but by the lovers themselves.”

3. “How Not To Save a Tiger“, Potlatch: “The therapeutic role of digital media is to allow an instrumental view of social relations to be propagated, in which the instrument somehow suspends any sense of moral causality or responsibility. Between the ‘input’ and the ‘output’ is a machine that we are blissfully unable or unwilling to understand. Hence, the possibility that clicking “send” might stop a stoning in Iran.”

4. “Blogging a Path Through Illness“, The New York Times: “Her father, Bill Markvoort, notes bluntly that graduation season gives them a perverse hope: doctors have told them that fatal accidents involving young people are more common in that celebratory period.”

5.”I Will Show You Arcade Fire In a Handful of Dust: Why Pop Music Loves T.S. Eliot“, The Guardian: “The style enables you to open up a song’s meaning by sliding between characters and perspectives: not a single broadcast but a radio impatiently flitting between stations.”