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Weekly Round-up: Beveridge, Leveson, and Jagger

The Oxonian Review presents the Weekly Round-up, featuring websites and articles the editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “Beveridge 70 years on: the welfare challenge“, New Statesman: “The welfare state was much more than an artefact of one man’s genius.”

2. “Leveson Inquiry: the Big Numbers“, BBC: Who said what during the four-month investigation, and who simply couldn’t remember?

3. “Gulag Tunes“, Paris Review: Imprisoned by the Gestapo during the Second World War, Diana Vierny sang every Saturday for those about to be executed.

4. “Kim Jong-Un Named The Onion’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012“, Onion: The story the People’s Daily believed.

5. The Rolling Stones in Hull, 1964, British Pathe/ Guardian: As they turn 50, see them the way they were.