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Weekly Round-Up: Hallucinations, Elections, and Zidane

The Oxonian Review presents the Weekly Round-up, featuring websites and articles the editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “Seeing Things? Hearing Things? Many Of Us Do“, Oliver Sacks in The New York Times: “Having hallucinations is a fearful secret for many people — millions of people — never to be mentioned, hardly to be acknowledged to oneself, and yet far from uncommon.”

2. “US Elections Dashboard“, The Huffington Post: A snapshot of where the presidential race stands based on state-wide and national polls, and updated throughout the day.

3. “The Art of Judy Chicago“, Observer: “Her early working life was lonely and she was mostly broke. “I didn’t make myself an outsider,” she says. “The art world made me an outsider.'”

4. “Local Sports Reporter Recycles High School Volleyball Preview for 18th Year“, The Onion: “Patrick Carver again reused, verbatim, the article that has run at the start of every season since 1995.”

5. “The Immortal Head-Butt“, The Rumpus: “A gigantic sculpture of Zidane’s disgrace now looms outside a Paris shopping center.”