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Weekly Roundup: Cleaning up after V-day

The Oxonian Review presents the Weekly Round-up, featuring websites and articles the editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “Moose Cleanse“, The Atlantic: Detoxing after all those Valentine’s Day chocolates… the Canadian way.

2. “The Incubation of Genius“, The Economist: Another great exhibit in London’s Courtauld Institute.

3. “John Donne’s Erotica”, The New Yorker: “Hand to strange hand, lip to lip none denies; / Why should they breast to breast, or thighs to thighs? / Likeness begets such strange self flattery, / That touching myself, all seems done to thee.”

4. “Animal Mating Rituals“, National Geographic: A reminder you’re not the only one in the animal kingdom trying to get a girl (or boy).

5. “Interview with Philip Roth”, Le Monde: “I don’t wish to be a slave any longer to the stringent exigencies of literature”


Many thanks to https://twitter.com/jraimo for contributing to this week’s Roundup.

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