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Wrap Up The Week: On The Canon, Picasso, Meeting ISIS, T.S. Eliot’s Issues, And Modern Campuses

The Oxonian Review presents Wrap Up the Week, featuring articles the editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. ‘The Canon Is Sexist, Racist, Colonialist, and Totally Gross. Yes, You Have to Read It Anyway.’: Katy Waldman advocates for knowing the Canon, without which no real understanding of literature is possible

2. ‘Picasso and the Fall of Europe’: T.J. Clarke’s on Picasso’s mid-career sombreness

3. ‘The Road to ISIS’: Tom Bartlett recounts how anthropologist Scott Atran came to meet with ISIS members

4. ‘Old Possum’s Nest’: Marjorie Perloff delves into T.S. Eliot’s more ‘tasteless’ poetic efforts

5. ‘Free Speech & the Modern Campus’: Camille Paglia on how much the political life of campuses has changed