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Wrap Up The Week: Allegory, Unfinished Art, The Future of Novels, Apostrophes! and Literary Criticism Revisited

The Oxonian Review presents Wrap Up the Week, featuring articles the editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. ‘Save the Allegory!’ [1]: Laura Miller muses on how meanings erode

2. ‘Why we love unfinished art’ [2]: David Hensher weighs in on our fascination for uncompleted works

3. ‘Is literature a dying animal?’ [3]: Edna O’Brien on the future of the Novel

4. ‘Apostrophe-gate’ [4]: Sarah Sweet reflects on the peculiar sense of righteousness associated with a punctuation mark

5. ‘The Art of the Book Review’ [5]: Michael Lind goes back to a classic of literary criticism