Category: Music

27 October, 2015

Ellen Pilsworth

‘This is how I live, I am thinking’

29 June, 2015

Leo Mercer

The Sound of Poetry: On Verbatim Theatre, London Road, and Future Libretti

Leo Mercer hopes for an operatic revolution

10 March, 2015

Julia Mahncke

Varicoloured Violin Pop

29 January, 2015

Matthew Cheung Salisbury

I Move in Legal Circles

10 November, 2014

Harry Stopes

The Elephant in the Room

Stopes contends that Niven's latest is a sequel to Folk Opposition, looking at the politics behind Oasis's first album.

28 October, 2014

Alexander Karlberg

The Sounds of Vienna

3 July, 2014

Judyta Frodyma

Something Gold Can Stay

26 June, 2014

Curtis Rogers

To Attain The Eternal

12 June, 2014

Curtis Rogers

The Nigel Kennedy Routine

3 June, 2014

Kit Coldstream

Aspects of Virtuosity

Beauclerk offers a more psychologically subtle and analytical treatment of the pianist than previous biographies.