Category: Essays

12 September, 2021

James Thompson

Unoriginal, Unsystematic, and Popular

Christian Garve, the maligned late-Enlightenment philosopher

6 June, 2020

Nicolas Liney

The Last Words of Milman Parry

The Oxonian Review is introducing a new series on the theme of Voice. The first feature is an essay on Milman Parry and the voice of epic

8 May, 2020

Rachel Elizabeth Fraser

The Erotics of ASMR

An essay on pornography and intimacy

13 March, 2020

Kevin Dorst

The Rational Question

An essay on whether the widespread belief that there is widespread irrationality might itself be irrational

29 February, 2020

Levi C. R. Hord

Transgender Sincerity and the Limits of Seriousness

An essay on the possibility of wearing one's gender lightly

3 February, 2020

Daniel Kodsi & Maya Krishnan


The Oxonian Review is introducing a new section

Paul Lodge

What Is It Like to Be Manic?

An essay on the phenomenology of mania