Category: Interviews

18 May, 2009

Alexandra Bell, Rebecca Rosen and Edmund White

Strongholds of the Imagination

An Interview with Geoffrey Hill

27 April, 2009

Lakshmi Krishnan

The Quiet Rebel

An interview with Amit Chaudhuri

9 March, 2009

Diana Fu & Amreeta Mathai

Wars, Guns and Votes

An interview with Paul Collier

23 February, 2009

James Appell

Dividing Opinion

An exchange with sports writer Martin Samuel

26 January, 2009

Scarlett Baron

On Sex, Politics, Style, and Ping-Pong

An Interview with Adam Thirlwell

15 June, 2008

Scarlett Baron

Nothing To Be Frightened Of

An Interview with Julian Barnes

15 December, 2005

Dan Rather

Communicating the America Within

Dan Rather on Ronald Reagan

15 June, 2005

Ditlev Rindom

A Scholar’s Art

An Interview with Ian Bostridge

1 March, 2005

Tim Soutphommasane & Shaun Chau

Talking Power

An Interview with Joseph Nye

Philip Pullman

Once upon a time, and what happened next…

Philip Pullman at the Oxford Women's Luncheon Club