Issue 16.2

16 May, 2011

Hugh Reid

A Scourge of Zealots, Cheats, and Bores

Adam Sisman's Hugh Trevor-Roper traces the life of “the leading historian of his generation".

Judyta Frodyma

Larkin in Love

Anthony Thwaite's Letters to Monica reveals affection and the quotidian in Larkin's correspondence with Monica Jones.

Thomas Wright

The Difficult Art of Prose

At Oxford, Oscar Wilde studiously absorbed the prose of his literary idols to craft his own unique voice.

Joel Krupa

Transparency Terrorist

Leigh and Harding draw on their close ties with WikiLeaks to analyse the personality and impact of Julian Assange.

Naomi Pendle

Old Conflict in a New State

On the eve of independence from Khartoum, inter-community violence undermines the unity of South Sudan.