Issue 16.4

13 June, 2011

Tom Tracey

More Caterpillar Than Butterfly But, My, What A Cocoon

David Foster Wallace's The Pale King seeks joy beyond the boredom of bureaucracy.

Caroline Ardrey

A Single Immense Swoon

Karl Kirchwey's new translation of Poèmes saturniens playfully yet faithfully renders Paul Verlaine's adolescent verse.

Gavin Jacobson

Spirit of Resistance

Stéphane Hessel's Time for Outrage! urges that the state of the world requires a return to simple moral indignation.

Rachel Abramowitz

The Point of Beauty

David Orr's Beautiful & Pointless introduces the lay reader to poetry but founders on the reef of metaphor.

Benjamin Jellis

Stop Worrying…

Clive James's ultimate success in England parallels Australia's own growth into a more confident and independent country.