Issue 18.2

30 January, 2012

Bill Coyle

A Difficult Poet

Geoffrey Hill's Clavics is densely allusive and occasionally brilliant, but gets lost in its own complexities.

Ursula Hackett

The Power of Invisibility

Suzanne Mettler's The Submerged State explores the hidden side of governmental intervention.

Thos. West

You Are What You Read

Jeffrey Eugenides's The Marriage Plot revels in the meeting points between life and art.

Serena Stein

Scenes from Mafalala: Into a Mozambican Suburb

Serena Stein, in this photo essay, studies the changes Mafalala in Mozambique is undergoing.

Nicolas Stone Villani

The Law of Boundaries

Annabel S. Brett's Changes of State analyses the legal paradoxes surrounding the historical definition of statehood.