Issue 20.4

18 November, 2012

Sophie Duncan

Shakespeare Rebranded

Shakespeare's Shrine is an intriguing if frustrating entry in the genre of "invention studies," writes Sophie Duncan.

Christy Edwall

No Fault of Their Own

Helen DeWitt's Lightning Rods is breezy and biting, a schizophrenic variation from her first novel, says Christy Edwall.

Joe Kennedy

Mapping the Contradictions

Slavoj Žižek's latest is a familiar rehearsal of his ideological analysis, taking aim at the "salaried bourgeoisie", Joe Kennedy writes.

Angus Brown

Just Like the Cliché

Angus Brown asks, is A Naked Singularity another entry in the long postmodern American novel, or something else entirely?

Liz Sawyer

The Cloud of Unknowing

Liz Sawyer reports on former BBC Director General Mark Thompson's classically-inspired call for a renewed public discourse.