Issue 21.2

4 February, 2013

Dominic Davies

Gripping the Prison Bars

Dominic Davies looks into the extraordinary work and the intolerable circumstances of the nobel prize-winning poet Liu Xiaobo.

Rosie Lavan

Speaking for Marilyn

Rosie Lavan finds that Lois Banner's feminist history of Marilyn Monroe leaves a lot to be desired.

Tom Cutterham

The Economy of Writing

Tom Cutterham considers money, the writing classes, and literary magazines in a new anthology from n+1 that contains some real gems.

Octavia Cox

A Different Picture

Octavia Cox finds a less lovesick John Keats emerging from Nicholas Roe's essential new biography of the poet.

Jared Spier

Lance Armstrong Still Hasn’t Come Clean

After decades of deception, Jared Spier explains why fans of cycling and of clean sport deserve more.