Issue 21.5

18 March, 2013

Gabriel Roberts

Not Great

Gabriel Roberts finds this collection of late writing scattered, insubstantial, and unworthy of the late Christopher Hitchens.

Calum Mechie

Laptops for Goalposts

Jonathan Wilson's history of the goalkeeper emerges as an allegory for the passionate but peripheral role of the football fan.

Judyta Frodyma

Liquid Landscapes

The National Maritime Museum's extensive exhibition of the photography of Ansel Adams is a little too crowded to do these canonical depictions of the American landscape justice.

Trace Vardsveen

A History of Violence

Quentin Tarantino's latest film warps history, vengeance, and justice in the director's now signature blend of pastiche and atrocity.

Willy Oppenheim

Poetry Competition 2013 Winner

The winner of this year's poetry competition, as chosen by Ian Pindar.