Issue 22.1

29 April, 2013

David Sergeant

Tests of Faith

David Sergeant finds a God-like Coetzee playing with our will to believe in what we thought we knew.

Scarlett Baron

Balloons for Ballast

Scarlett Baron enjoys the aerial reflections which help Julian Barnes to keep the spirit level in love and grief.

Jeremy Diaper

Old Possum and the Parrots

Life begins (again) at 40 for a tired T. S. Eliot in the latest volume of his letters, as Jeremy Diaper discovers.

Christy Edwall

The Mind at Work

Javier Marías's meandering yet vigilant prose rewards concentration. Just don't expect certainty.

Yulia Taranova

Zimbabwe: The Years Between

Yulia Taranova's images capture restless movement before a moment of constitutional change in Zimbabwe.