Issue 22.3

27 May, 2013

Harriet Fitch Little

Mores and Moralities

Shereen El Feki offers a bold, wide-ranging, and even-handed analysis of sex, politics and religion in the Arab world.

Faris Alikhan

Wars of the Weak

A tension emerges between the hawk and the historian in Max Boot's epic account of insurgent warfare.

Luke Brunning

The Negative of Love

Revisiting Julian Barnes's latest book, Luke Brunning charts a journey towards the moral space of grief.

Harriet Rix

Naming the Rose

The aim is laudable but the results are disappointing in this new approach to Romantic culture through botany.

Matthew Western

Harder Than You Think

To read popular music as social discourse first we must hear it on its own terms, says Matthew Western (feat. Public Enemy).