Issue 23.1

14 October, 2013

Monica Ali talks to Dominic Davies

Drama, Conflict and Thwarted Desire

Monica Ali explains why fictional characters should always be in need of a sandwich.

Gabriel Roberts

An England of the Mind

W.G. Hoskins' reflections on the English landscape veer between historical insight and ill-founded nostalgia.

Liz Sawyer

Everyone Loves a Good Stereotype

Terry Eagleton's preoccupation with Britain's class system blinds him to America's own pervasive inequalities.

Luke Brunning

Warming the Blood Like Lager

Luke Brunning finds that John A. Hall's new thesis on the importance of being civil is a test of the reader's civility itself.

Dominic Davies

Exploiting Afghan Victimhood

Though Khaled Hosseini's latest novel is another page turner, his obsession with Afghan victimhood is problematic.