Issue 23.5

9 December, 2013

Václav Gabriel Piňos


The winner of the Oxonian Review Short Story Competition 2013, published here, in full.

Edward Hicks

Uneven Histories

Brendan Simms writes important counter histories, but his objectivity dwindles when he turns his gaze upon contemporary events.

Matthew Reza

The Act of Writing

W.G. Sebald's essays on the lives and thoughts of different writers occasionally offer explorations into the author's own feelings.

Tanya Christiansen

Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

Tanya Christiansen finds that the third installment in Margaret Atwood's Madd Addam trilogy doesn't live up to the inventive capacity of its predecessors.

Dominic Davies and Elleke Boehmer

Two Oxford Spires: From Magdalen to Windrush

A series of photos telling the story of Oxford's changing urban landscape between two of its towers, Magdalen and Windrush.