Issue 24.4

3 March, 2014

Laura Ludtke

Reading Reading Victiorian Deafness

Laura Ludtke considers how deafness in the nineteenth-century challenged received ideas about language.

Edward Still

The Resonance of the Excavated Self

Edward Still discovers the blending of the mythical and the tangible in Cynan Jones's new novel The Dig

Michael Easson

Burke’s Great Melody Against It

Michael Easson finds Edmund Burke miscast as a conservative in Jesse Norman's new biography.

Karthick Manoharan

Engaging the Event

Karthick Manoharan on why Slavoj Žižek is the most dangerous philosopher in the West.

Riki Miyoshi

Selling Monarchy

Riki Miyoshi on the final installment of Kevin Sharpe's epic history of the changing image of the English Monarchy, Rebranding Rule.