Issue 26.1

13 October, 2014

Morgan Wesley

A True Hard Man

Wesley finds that, despite his extensive knowledge and passion, Peter Cossins's attempt to capturing these massive shifts in the paradigm of cycling falls short.

Gabriel Roberts

Whose Values? Which Justification?

Gabriel Roberts challenges us to think about the humanities in terms of the amount and explicitness of disagreement which they can tolerate about matters of value.

Rey Conquer

The Way Lint Collects

Rey Conquer find that the 'meanings' of colours arise through relations and networks of association, within a work, or within a culture.

Dominic Davies

Words, Stones and Poetry

A Bird Is Not A Stone is simultaneously a testament to the power of poetry and the resolute and ongoing cultural production of Palestinian poets across the world.

Laura Ludtke


With its deft representation of simultaneity and interpenetrating narratives, Ali Smith's novel is by turns provocative, sardonic, and genuine.