Issue 4.1

15 December, 2004

Malin Linstrom Brock

The Magic Revival of Tornedalen

Mikael Niemi's Popular Music

Tim Markham

‘Known Knowns’

David Hare's Take on Popular Politics

Joseph Streeter

A Note On Reactions To The Death Of Jacques Derrida

On the Question of Legacy

Melissa Gronlund

The 2004 London Film Festival

Cinevardaphoto, I Heart Huckabees, Tarnation, and 2046

Will May

‘A More Serious Literature’

An Interview with Christopher Ricks

Michael Donkor

The Height

David Illingworth

Notes Pinned to Fridge Doors

Niall MacLean

Taking Sides

Michael Moore and the Art of the Polemic

Kelly Grovier

Oxford Authors in Print

Carmen Bugan's Crossing the Carpathians

Michael Hugman & Dirk-Jan Omtzigt

Redressing the Balance

Noreena Hertz on Debt Relief