Issue 7.1

15 December, 2007

Louis Haynes


From Barbican to neo-Warhol Kaikai Ki Ki

Maya Alapin

The Life of a Death

Emily Wilson's The Death of Socrates: Hero, Villain, Chatterbox, Saint

Paul Sonne

The Red Tsar From Below

Orlando Figes's The Whisperers: Private Life of Stalin's Russia

Seán Mfundza Muller

The Economist’s Burden

Paul Collier's The Bottom Billion

Scarlett Baron

Growing Up on Maths and Cumin

Nikita Lalwani's Gifted

Jamie Horder

With Darwin in Mind

Steven Pinker's The Stuff of Thought

Matthew Sperling

Gliss, Bliss, Umbles and Numbles

Frances Leviston's Public Dream

Matt Hill

Jacobson’s Complaint

Howard Jacobson's Kalooki Nights

Patrick Tomlin

Spin When You’re Winning

Alastair Campbell's The Blair Years

James Womack

Snappers and Sarcophagi

Jamie McKendrick's Crocodiles & Obelisks