Category: Literature

18 November, 2020

Jack Graveney

Life and death on the dehesa

László Krasznahorkai, The Last Wolf. Winner of the Oxonian Review Summer Book Competition

20 October, 2020

Maya Krishnan

Just Enough: A Conventional Conversation

Claudia Rankine, Just Us: An American Conversation

2 October, 2020

Rey Conquer

The Human’s-Eye View

Helen Macdonald, Vesper Flights

23 September, 2020

Becky Clark

The Quest to Conform

The sixth feature of the Oxonian Review's series on voice considers the power and limits of speech in the novels Convenience Store Woman and The Topeka School

20 August, 2020

Dom Hewett

Less safe than strange?

Clive James, Somewhere Becoming Rain: Collected Writings on Philip Larkin

6 August, 2020

Altair Brandon-Salmon

From vii to morți

Esther Kinsky, Grove

29 May, 2020

Maya Krishnan

Dream House as Politics, Dream House as Art

Carmen Maria Machado, In the Dream House

1 May, 2020

Michael Bevan

The Deflationary Truth

Cheryl Misak, Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of Powers

15 February, 2020

Laura Hackett

Sirens of the Foyle

Darran Anderson, Inventory

28 November, 2019

Emma Gattey

The Limits of the New Laity

Steven Touissant, Lay Studies