Category: Poetry

15 December, 2020

Joseph Turner

Intimate but Distant

Mina Gorji, Art of Escape. Shortlisted in the Oxonian Review Summer Book Competition

2 December, 2020

Maya Krishnan

To Have Been Her

Phoebe Stuckes, Platinum Blonde .

20 October, 2020

Maya Krishnan

Just Enough: A Conventional Conversation

Claudia Rankine, Just Us: An American Conversation

28 November, 2019

Emma Gattey

The Limits of the New Laity

Steven Touissant, Lay Studies

7 June, 2019

Em Meller

and then it was so sad

Sophie Robinson, Rabbit

17 November, 2018

Nicolas Liney

The Profit in Asphodel

Hesiod, tr. A. E. Stallings, Works and Days

3 May, 2018

Antonia Cundy

Two Poems

Antonia Cundy

Two Poems

30 April, 2018

Rowland Bagnall

“the essential prose / of things”

Wendell Berry's The Peace of Wild Things

14 March, 2018

Georgina Edwards

Two poems