Category: Translation

22 February, 2021

Serena Alagappan

The Liaison between Love and Denial

Roland Barthes, trans. Richard Howard, A Lover's Discourse: Fragments

5 December, 2018

John Phipps

An Elephant in the Corner

Mathias Énard, tr. Charlotte Mandell, Tell Them of Battles, Kings and Elephants

17 November, 2018

Nicolas Liney

The Profit in Asphodel

Hesiod, tr. A. E. Stallings, Works and Days

19 February, 2018

Matthew Johnston

Memories Of The Future

Han Kang's The White Book, translated by Deborah Smith

6 February, 2018

George Christofi

Three Poems

22 January, 2018

Chris Monier

Five Poems

Sam Caleb

The Sentence Goes On

László Krasznahorkai's The World Goes On, translated by John Batki, Ottilie Mulzet and George Szirtes

27 November, 2017

Jonathan Egid

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

David Grossman's A Horse Walks into a Bar, translated by Jessica Cohen.

3 July, 2017

Nicola Thomas

Ode to Joy

On S J Fowler's Enemies Project.

12 June, 2017

Jane Hastings

Made in Poland?

A review of Wioletta Greg's Swallowing Mercury.