Category: North America

2 November, 2020

Daniel Sutton

Narrative History and Electoral Politics

Alexander Keyssar, Why Do We Still Have The Electoral College?

25 May, 2015

Jennifer Rushworth

How to Take Care of the Dead

Jennifer Rushworth explores our relationship with the dead.

Emily Holman

Art’s Responsibility to Life

Emily Holman reflects on Art's response to the key event of our time.

2 February, 2015

Joel Krupa

The End Of The (Assembly) Line?

Joel Krupa considers the case for a manufacturing renaissance

16 June, 2014

Peter Hill

Imperialism in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Despite his imperialistic overtones, it is not possible simply to dismiss John Buchan as a jingoistic thriller-writer.

15 January, 2014

Jeff Woodward

Photo of the Week: Making the Most of Winter in Canada

14 October, 2013

Liz Sawyer

Everyone Loves a Good Stereotype

Terry Eagleton's preoccupation with Britain's class system blinds him to America's own pervasive inequalities.

24 June, 2013

Scarlett Baron

Through a Glass, Disney

Pioneers of pop art and politics join the cartoon king in an operatic take on creation, destruction, and the American way.

18 March, 2013

Judyta Frodyma

Liquid Landscapes

The National Maritime Museum's extensive exhibition of the photography of Ansel Adams is a little too crowded to do these canonical depictions of the American landscape justice.

Trace Vardsveen

A History of Violence

Quentin Tarantino's latest film warps history, vengeance, and justice in the director's now signature blend of pastiche and atrocity.