Category: Photo Essays

19 December, 2018

Hannah Léser

The Realm of Uncertainty

13 November, 2018

Joseph Hayes

Parts of myself (incomplete)

6 February, 2017

Eva Miller

News from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Nowhere—in pictures

Eva Miller's photographs of the changing architectural face of Skopje and the accompanying protests.

4 November, 2014

Emi Jozuka

When The Image Bled Onto The Body

9 December, 2013

Dominic Davies and Elleke Boehmer

Two Oxford Spires: From Magdalen to Windrush

A series of photos telling the story of Oxford's changing urban landscape between two of its towers, Magdalen and Windrush.

29 April, 2013

Yulia Taranova

Zimbabwe: The Years Between

Yulia Taranova's images capture restless movement before a moment of constitutional change in Zimbabwe.

22 October, 2012

Kevin Brazil

Glimpses of Revolutionary History

Kevin Brazil goes to the Barbican for an exhibition caught up in the paradox of movement in photography.

12 March, 2012

Agnieszka Burzynska

Urban Canvas

Agnieszka Burzynska's work attempts to find art in the labyrinthine recesses of the urban jungle.

30 January, 2012

Serena Stein

Scenes from Mafalala: Into a Mozambican Suburb

Serena Stein, in this photo essay, studies the changes Mafalala in Mozambique is undergoing.

12 December, 2011

Ioanna Mavrou

Postcards from Atlantis

Ioanna Mavrou uncovers Atlantis, a lesser-known gem of the independent book world found in Oia, Greece.