Category: Science

17 November, 2017

Neil Dewar

Ripples in Space and Time

On Harry Collins's Gravity's Kiss

1 February, 2016

Kanta Dihal

A Very Educated Thrill

Kanta Dihal praises a highly unusual approach to computing history.

25 November, 2015

Kanta Dihal

Superstars and Supermassive Black Holes

Kanta Dihal gives her verdict on a new history of black holes.

8 June, 2015

Kanta Dihal

Here Comes the Sun

Kanta Dihal weighs up the arguments for solar energy.

31 March, 2015

Robert Thomas

Scientia Gratia Scientiae

Robert Thomas extols the beauty of physics

Kate Travers

Beauty Under the Microscope

Kate Travers on the developing dialogue between science and aesthetics

2 March, 2015

Kanta Dihal

Must Everything Really Die?

Kanta Dihal enjoys an anthology of bad ideas

16 February, 2015

Neil Dewar

Quantum Culture

Neil Dewar weighs up the cultural influence of quantum mechanics

19 January, 2015

Kanta Dihal

Mind Over Mathematics

Kanta Dihal considers an unusual memoir that demystifies physics

8 December, 2014

Martin Willis

n = 1: Valuing Literature and Science

Martin Willis explores what we should value in literature's engagement with science and in the study of that engagement.