6 February, 2017Issue 3333.3ArchitectureArtist of the WeekEuropePhoto Essays

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News from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Nowhere—in pictures

Eva Miller

A government building in central Skopje, halfway through being covered with classical-style panels.

The ‘finished’ section of the same building, with the Brutalist Telecoms Authority offices behind it.

The sculptural concrete forms of Skopje’s Central Post Office.

View from the old, concrete landscaping of central Skopje across to the emerging collection of new ministries and museums.

A new government building in central Skopje covered with paint thrown by protesters.

One of the numerous pieces of classical-inspired statuary in the capital after being paint-bombed by protesters.

A street protest against government corruption and overreach, outside the Ministry of Justice.


Eva Miller is reading for a DPhil in Oriental Studies at Hertford College, Oxford.