1 November, 2010Issue 14.2Creative WritingOriginal Poetry

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Four Poems

Aaron Belz

Slam Dunque.

I parked my Slam Dunque by the curb.
I walked up to the waitress of the dunes
and asked for a twilight chill,

and she cortisone shotte, ye olde Candie Shoppe.


The Postman

“Hello,” announced the in-ground sprinkler.
“I want to be turned on that I may water
the grass and bushes now!” it shouted,
startling a serpent sleeping nearby. The serpent
uncoiled and quietly slid through the grass
toward the postman’s leg and bit it.
The sprinkler simultaneously exploded water
from its shimmering, metallic top. “I’m
spraying!” it declared gleefully. The postman,
now prostrate on the ground, spluttered
and spat in the artificial rain. “A snake,”
he explained, “has bitten me on the leg.
Whether I shall walk or run again is not my worry.
Whether I shall live to see another day is.
I am a man with a wife and two children!
And is this the fate a man like me deserves?
I have been faithful and true, discharged
my duties in a wholesome and diligent
way all of my life. And is this the fate
that I deserve?” As he spoke the sky
opened up and real rain mingled with false.
Ah, it was a sight to behold: a man lying
on the ground, a redundant sprinkler,
a pile of melons carefully painted to look
like a suburban ranch house, and a snake—
yes, a common garter snake—snoozing
contentedly under a butterfly bush, its fragrant
four-parted, bell-shaped, purple flowers
with orange centers—its flower spikes erect,
ranging from four to ten inches in length—
a snake, a safe snake, really just a joke snake.


Walt Eliot

I hear American singing;
I do not think they will sing to me.


Lovin’ a music
Man on the run
Run, run.




Doing stuff is fun, or it can be.
Sometimes it’s more fun not to do stuff.


No single terminology
really fits the enormous variety
that is found among plant fruity


Aaron Belz is a poet, critic, and teacher. Lovely, Raspberry, his second collection of poems, was released earlier this year. He lives in Arcadia, California.