15 July, 2020 • • 44.0

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Summer Book Review Competition

The Oxonian Review

This summer, the Oxonian Review is launching a book review competition for undergraduate students, sponsored by Blackwell’s Bookshop. We are looking for thoughtful, engaging and insightful reviews of any book. The competition is open to anyone studying for an undergraduate degree, or who has just finished one. Whether there is a novel you read recently which you really enjoyed, a new memoir which you think everyone needs to know about, a political theory book which you didn’t quite agree with, or you’re already bored this summer with nothing to do—this competition is for you.

There are prizes for first and second place, and the best reviews will be published on our website. Rachel Elizabeth Fraser, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Exeter College, will be the head judge. We’re looking forward to reading your entry!

  • The competition is open to anyone currently studying for an undergraduate degree, in any subject, and those who have just finished their final year.
  • You may review any book.
  • Reviews should be no longer than 2000 words. There is no minimum word count.
  • Your review should aim to be insightful for the specialist reader, but accessible to the general reader.
  • Your review should tell us what’s in the book; what’s interesting about it; what we should know before reading it; what it provoked you to think about; and why (or whether) we should read it.
  • You do not need to footnote your review or provide a bibliography.
  • Reviews will be judged on originality, clarity, persuasiveness, and quality of writing.
  • You may only submit one review. Previously published pieces will not be accepted.
  • The deadline for submissions is midday on September 30th. The results will be announced by October 15th.
  • The author of the winning entry will receive a set of hardback copies of some of Simon Armitage’s books, including one kindly signed by the author. The author of the second-placed entry will receive a bag of books from Blackwell’s Bookshop, who are generously sponsoring the competition. All shortlisted entries will be published online.
  • Entries should be submitted as a PDF to oxoniansubmissions@gmail.com. Please do not put your name on the PDF.

– Daniel Kodsi and Dan Sutton