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14 March, 2011

Alexander Barker and Alex Niven

An Interview with Ken Loach

Director Ken Loach speaks about the film industry, British politics, and his new film, Route Irish.

31 January, 2011

Alex Niven and Stephen Ross

Newly Elastic Approaches to Modernism

Alexandria Harris's Romantic Moderns disappointingly reduces modernist "crisis" to pastoralist, naive nationalism.

21 January, 2011

Alex Niven

Trish Keenan’s Broadcast

A popular avant-garde

29 November, 2010

Alex Niven

The Division of the Kingdom

Mike Leigh's Another Year

18 October, 2010

Alex Niven

The Sense of an Opening

An interview with Owen Hatherley

17 August, 2010

Alex Niven

Older Skool

Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

7 June, 2010

Alex Niven

Beyond Regrets

Derek Walcott's White Egrets

18 January, 2010

Alex Niven

A Terrible Beauty

Calvin Bedient's The Yeats Brothers and Modernism's Love of Motion