Tag: Canada

20 February, 2017

Art Allen

Ontario: a Travelogue

Art Allen explores Canada, in pictures.

16 June, 2014

Peter Hill

Imperialism in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Despite his imperialistic overtones, it is not possible simply to dismiss John Buchan as a jingoistic thriller-writer.

15 January, 2014

Jeff Woodward

Photo of the Week: Making the Most of Winter in Canada

1 March, 2007

John-Paul McCarthy

Pierre Trudeau

A Catholic Conscience

Alexandra Harris

Making Up Real Things

Alice Munro's The View from Castle Rock

15 June, 2005

Leonard Epp

A Simple Story

Miriam Toews's Complicated Community

1 March, 2005

Ditlev Rindom

Rewriting the Score

Kevin Bazzana's Wondrous Strange: The Life and Art of Glenn Gould

15 June, 2004

Tina Piper

Patent Indifference

Canadian Opposition to Big Pharma

Phil Clark

Hero, Failure, or Casualty?

A Peacekeeper's Experience of Genocide

Thom Ringer

Gay Marriage in Canada

Gay Marriage and a National Mandate